Chef Raúl Correa Opens Dorotea’s Pizza at Lote 23


Chef Raúl Correa, an advocate of homemade fresh ingredients from our local producers, opened Dorotea’s Pizza at Lote 23 – Santurce’s newest open space, decorated with colorful murals by local artists, offering a delicious variety of culinary offerings and local entertainment.

Dorotea’s artisanal pizzas are made using locally sourced ingredients and baked in a custom-made wood-burning oven.

Dorotea’s menu features delicious creations including MasZetas, BienJeva, La Melaza, La Baja Queso and the famous Margarita prepared with freshly made mozzarella.


Pizza lovers also have the option to create their own pizza. Dorotea’s also offers delicious starters such as the Calzonecillos and Albondigas, a selection of beverages, cocktails and beers and for dessert – the not-to-be-missed Tiramisu Panna Cotta.

So where does the name Dorotea comes from? As it turns out, Dorotea’s is named after Raúl’s childhood pet chicken.

We hope to see you see you soon at Dorotea’s for a delicious treat!